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Specialty Coffee-The Process From Start To Finish Is Special

There is an organization known as the Specialty Coffee Association of America. They were established in 1982 by a group of professionals who wanted to set high standards for the coffee industry. An extraordinary amount of care goes into making coffee special. Let’s take a look at the process.

Where Did the Term Come From?

In 1978 an international coffee conference was held in Montreuil, France. Erna Knutsen of Knutsen Coffee Ltd. gave a speech at the conference and used the phrase “specialty coffee” to separate ordinary coffee from what she considered extraordinary coffee. Her concept of special coffee meant that the coffee beans would always be specially prepared, roasted, and brewed.

A Totally Controlled Process

The growth process is controlled through the use of microclimates, soil chemistry, and husbandry. Great care is taken when harvesting the cherries. The fruit has to be delivered to the mill quickly to ensure freshness. The process used for pulping must be done carefully to prevent damage to the coffee. If the coffee is dried unevenly, too quickly, or if dried too slowly, it can destroy the quality. The potential for having a great product goes to storage and packaging as well.

Proper grinding of the coffee is crucial. If the ground coffee is too fine, it can be ruined by over extraction. If the ground is coarse the coffee may not have the full flavor it is supposed to have.

The brewing process has high standards too… but you knew that already. The water quality and temperature must be controlled. The ratio of coffee to water and extraction all goes into making a special brew.

How Does the SCAA Define Specialty Coffee?

This is what the SCAA has to say.

“Well in the broadest sense we define it as coffee that has met all the tests of survival encountered in the long journey from the coffee tree to the coffee cup. More specifically, we measure it against standards and with methods that allow us to identify coffee that has been properly cared for.”

Now, that’s how the SCAA sees it. But don’t go just yet. I have a little more information for you.

Tasters Certification Test

This is what connoisseurs are looking for when making a decision about whether or not a coffee gets specialty added to its name.

1. Fragrance-After the beans have been ground the smell of the beans is called fragrance.

2. Aroma-This is how the coffee smells after it is brewed.

3. Flavor-The coffee definitely has to taste good.

4. Bouquet-How does the coffee taste affect the olfactory senses?

5. Aftertaste-After swallowing the coffee; is there a pleasant flavor left in the mouth.

6. Body-The weight of the coffee on the tongue. Coffee body can be thin, light, or heavy.

So there you have it. These are the factors that go into making coffee special. Enjoy your coffee.

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