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Amazon Fulfillment Part II-Racism, Sexism, and Favoritism at EWR4 Oh My!

Yes, racism, sexism, and favoritism run rampant at EWR4. As I said before management at this facility has little or no integrity. In part one of the EWR4 story; I posted the letter I sent to corporate headquarters. Of course senior management wanted to talk with me immediately. However, before telling you about the meetings; I have to let you know I am no longer an employee at EWR4. Here’s what happened.

On Sunday, May 10th 2015 I was admitted to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for congestive heart failure. Long story short, a machine kept me alive for almost two days. The doctors told my wife it was touch and go. They told her I had a 50:50 chance of making it through. But, wait a minute, let’s back up two steps. I have to tell you the conditions which landed me in the hospital.

I had just finished my shift at Amazon at 4:30am…boarded the Z-Line bus and got dropped off at the Hamilton Marketplace with some of my coworkers. This is where we catch the buses going into Trenton. As we were waiting for the buses, I started to have difficulty with my breathing. A few minutes went by and it was getting worst. I asked one of my coworkers to please call emergency services. Two of the guys stayed with me until the paramedics arrived. The last thing I remember when the medics were working on me, was telling them I was scared. I awoke two days later in the ICU.

Okay, here’s the diagnosis…I have a severe case of cardiomyopathy. This means my heart is not properly pumping the blood. My heart is operating at 30% right now. I am currently wearing a life vest; this is a wearable defibrillator, and taking five medications. Now, let’s get back to Amazon.

A couple of days after coming out of the hospital, my wife drove me to the facility. I wanted to get things squared away with HR. The inbound operations manager and a HR representative sat down with me to discuss my situation. You know what they wanted to talk about…of course you do. Randy we are going to get the accommodations team to work something out for you so you can get back to work.

Duhhh! I can’t work in a warehouse environment. Oh, then we’ll see about sending you to our customer service center in Delaware. How about me just going on disability? Well our accommodations team would have to make that determination. Do you see where this was going? Okay then, I will resign. Well you can’t resign and be eligible for rehire unless you work one more day. I asked if I could thank the two coworkers, Tyree and Fred who helped save my life and was denied. Management at EWR4 is insane. I told these people were of very poor character. This is shameful behavior, just downright shameful. No more of this, let me tell you briefly about the meeting with senior management.

When I met with the Director of Operations and the General Manager it was business as usual for these guys…lack of integrity. I was told by the DOO there weren’t two different rating systems. I knew this was a lie, because I have seen these very programs on the computer. I was also told by someone in HR there were two different rate production systems. I know people who lost their positions because they did not make the inflated rate used by EWR4. I know people who called corporate about it and corporate told HR these people had to get their jobs back.

I asked them why a young woman we worked with was constantly being denied a promotion when she was always being asked to fill in as an acting assistant manager. She knows the job and does it very professionally and yet there is always some excuse for denying her the promotion she deserves. These positions become available every quarter and she is denied an interview. How can someone run a department and not be eligible for promotion?

I found out in this meeting that I had been personally railroaded for promotion by actions which can only be seen as blatant racism. I will post the letter I sent to the EEOC and you decide. I’m thinking…if I was so bad at my job, why did I remain an ambassador. An ambassador is an unpaid trainer. I taught more people in the receiving department about how to do their jobs then anyone else. I will say again; there is no doubt in my mind that the area manager was practicing racism. Please understand what racism is; it is about having power and control over people’s lives. Here’s the letter to the EEOC.


April 29, 2015


Peace and Prosperity,

I wanted to include this short letter along with my intake questionnaire in order to explain how this all came about.

I have included a letter I wrote to Amazon Headquarters to explain what was happening at EWR4. This letter gave me an opportunity to have a sit down with the general manager of EWR4. In this meeting I learned something which prompted me to file a complaint with the EEOC.

On April 22nd 2015, during the meeting with the general manager and senior operational manager the GM informed me that I had not received any write ups since being employed at the facility. Now, here is my problem. John Serio was the area manager in receiving when I started, he was my immediate supervisor. Back in October of 2014, several Tier III positions had been opened up for peak season. Tier III is equivalent to an assistant manager.

Mr. Serio had announced in the stand up meeting that anyone wanting to apply for one of these positions should talk with him and he would direct us in what we should do. I did this; Mr. Serio gave me a coaching two hours later for not making rate, this is production performance standards. I will fast forward; I received what he called disciplinary write ups every week after that. He said the write ups were for not making rate. Even after going to leadership school upon his return, Mr. Serio issued me a write up. When I asked him if I could do something else, or train in something else he flat out told me no. He said that if he had to speak to me again about my productivity I could be terminated.

The thing which prevented me from being in the direct process path of making rate was my becoming a process guide. When Mr. Serio went to Washington State, the process assistant had me take the place of someone who had been promoted.

I believe John Serio deliberately derailed my chances of advancing in the company. I actually could have lost my job. My outstanding work as an ambassador and PG is what allowed me to continue my employment at EWR4.

I believe I was discriminated against by John Serio, because according to Tim Hall I never received any write ups since I was employed by Amazon. So, Mr. Serio lied, deceived me and quite possibly falsified my records.

Because I did sign off on those write ups by allowing him to scan my ID badge. I became very upset and distraught after discovering that my opportunity to advance in the company and help raise my family’s standard of living was taken away.

 Randy Brickhouse Sr.


This is not an isolated incident; most of the so called leaders at EWR4 follow this pattern of behavior. Most of management is made up of Caucasian men and they abuse their authority like no where I have ever seen before. Remember what I said earlier about the rating system at the facility. This clearly was against company policy. I know this because of what I told you about workers being terminated and being reinstated.


Right now the EEOC is attempting to get Amazon to participate in a mediation hearing with me. However, my main concern is getting as healthy as possible so I can enjoy my family for as long as I can. Enjoy your coffee!

Amazon Fulfillment Part I-What's Really Happening At EWR4

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