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My Marketing Tools: Don’t Run Your Business, Market Your Business

Welcome to my marketing tools page. On this page you will find a brief description and link to the company websites of marketing tools I use. I am a network and affiliate marketer, so I do earn commissions for all but two of the companies I have listed below. As my business grows, this list will grow. So, please visit my website from time to time to see what’s happening, or subscribe to my RSS feed. This will keep you up to date. I hope there is something here to help you increase you market your business.


Web Hosting and Website Building Services


I used Site Build It to create the Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide. It is an awesome service and one of the best marketing tools you could have. The founder of this company is Dr. Ken Evoy. Site Build It gives you everything you need to help you build a successful e-commerce business. They help you focus on the business building, not just the website building.


 SBI is taught in major universities and colleges. The University of Arizona, Penn State, and The Citadel are just three of the more than 30 schools teaching SBI. The links I have provided will take you to the articles that will explain this service in great detail. One link takes you to SBI as an online business course and the other link details all the business building tools included in your SBI membership.


 Site Build It Course

 Site Build It Tools


I have one other web hosting company I am affiliated with and this is HostGator. I started out with HostGator. Their customer service is really good.  I use them for redirect services for affiliate domains.




Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation


These guys know marketing. If you haven’t heard about the “No B.S.” book series by Dan Kennedy and his partner Bill Glazer, then please take the time to check them out. They can teach you how to market any business successfully. There is no such thing as “my business is different,” with GKIC. They will teach you how to be a marketer of your business and not just a doer of your business.  They will teach you how to get the most from your marketing dollars.

GKIC offers a two month free trial as a gold member. It comes with $633.91 worth of money making information. As far as marketing tools go this is a must have for any business.


Link to Membership Page – The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever

Link to Products Store – The Best of Dan Kennedy


Another group I am a member of is The Renegade Network Marketer. This is a program founded by Ann Sieg. It is exclusively made for those of us who are network marketing entrepreneurs. Here are the links to three very informative ebooks by Ann Sieg.


 The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

 Marketers Manifesto

 Renegade Network Marketer


Here is another great resource for network and affiliate marketers, Charles Holmes’s “Ultimate MLM Resource Center.” I don’t make commissions with Chuck. I am a member of his mastermind group. You will find a ton of information on his website. I believe Chuck has well over 1,000 pages on his site. He is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in network and affiliate marketing succeed. You will find some great recommendations for marketing tools on his website.


 “Ultimate MLM Resource Center”


Traffic Building


Besides getting free traffic from the search engines I use Traffic Swarm. You can start as a free member and upgrade to pro membership if you like. I am a pro member. There are of course more incentives as a pro member. This is a great resource for advertising your websites. I do use other traffic exchanges from time to time.


Traffic Swarm


That’s all for now, peace and prosperity… Enjoy your coffee!

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