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Male Fertility-Caffeine Increases Sperm Motility

Earlier I talked about coffee improving male fertility. I would like to explain in detail exactly how drinking coffee can help achieve better sperm motility.

We know that caffeine is a stimulant. It would stand to reason that after drinking coffee your entire body is affected by the caffeine. So, in men this means an increase in sperm movement, also known as sperm motility.

What is Sperm Motility?

Sperm motility is how a man’s sperm moves towards the woman’s egg. What’s important to the fertilization of the egg has to do with quality and not quantity. Sperm motility increases the quality of the sperm, there by increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

There are layers surrounding the egg which the sperm must pass through in order to fertilize the egg. Sperm without a high level of motility cannot pass through. So you can see why sperm motility is very important. It improves the quality of the man’s semen. Poor sperm motility is a common cause of subfertitliy or infertility.

Center for Reproductive Medicine

The center for Reproductive Medicine is located at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded in 1921. The Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit teaching hospital. It is ranked as one of the top hospitals in America.

Dr. Fabio Pasqualotto is a well known urologist and a full professor at The University in Brazil of Caxias do Sul. He is the director of conception, at the Center for Human Reproduction in Caxias do Sul. With these types of credentials, we could say Dr. Pasqualotto is an expert on male fertility. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Dr. Pasqualotto did the research on male fertility at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and discovered how coffee can have a positive affect on sperm motility, but you probably figured it out without my saying so.

Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

Defective sperm-We men could have a low sperm count. This is the most common cause. Their inability to swim and abnormal sperm shape can cause problems. Infections and hormonal imbalances can cause our sperm to be defective. There is an abnormality known as testicular variocele. This is when the vein in the scrotum has an abnormal enlargement. There can be a lack of sperm when we ejaculate.

Spermatic cord- The cord that carries our sperm from the testicals to the penis could be damaged.

Ejaculation problems-There is a disorder known as retrograde ejaculation. The semen is ejaculated backwards, and does not enter the vagina. It goes into our bladder instead.

Age- Getting older is a factor with just about everything. Our sperm’s ability to swim declines as we men get older.

Immune disorders- Some of us could actually produce antibodies to our own sperm. Scientists aren’t sure how this happens, but their best guess is infections.

Hey, for all the men and women who want to continue the family legacy, I say... really enjoy your coffee!

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