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Making An Awesome Cup Of Coffee

Making an awesome cup of coffee depends on a number of factors. You'll need high quality coffee beans, purified water. It will also depend on the type of brewing being done, and the grind of the coffee. The quality of your beans and water is something you can very easily take care of. However, the connection between the grind of the coffee and the type of brewing being done is more elaborate and needs to be outlined. We all know that we make coffee by moving hot water over crushed coffee beans. In order for it to really work well we need to understand just how long the water should be passing over the beans. You just have to learn how to match your coffee's grind to the type of brewing you are doing in order to make the best coffee possible.

Are Your Grinds Large Or Small?

Usually, the soaking time relates directly to how coarse the coffee is ground. This means that smaller coffee grinds need less contact with the water, and coarser grinds need longer contact. Espresso coffee is only exposed to water for 20-40 seconds and as a result is made using an extremely fine grind coffee. A French press coffee maker can take as much as 4 minutes and uses an extremely coarse grind. If the coffee is left in contact with the water for too long for its grind size, your coffee will taste bitter. Of course if the grind is too large and the water passes very quickly through the grind the flavor of the coffee will be weak.

Filters Can Make All The Difference

Filters perform an important role in controlling the balance between over and under brewing your coffee. Not only do filters keep the grinds out of your coffee, but they also regulate how fast the water passes over the grinds. Paper filters are the most typical, but many people are also using metal varieties. Paper filters are good, but they can soak up some of the coffee flavor. Some people claim they can taste the paper in their coffee. Metal filters are commonly made from stainless steel or gold plated mesh. They have very fine weave and filter out the coffee grinds very well. They don't alter the taste of the coffee at all. Metal filters are also more environmentally friendly than the paper alternative.

Whichever you choose, be sure to buy decent quality filters. Cheap filters often clog and won't allow the coffee to brew properly. A decent quality metal filter will last years and save money over time.

Making a great cup of coffee is not hard at all. Brewing a great cup takes a little more knowledge, but isn't difficult either. Start with fresh beans and good clean water and then match your brewing style to the proper grind. Experiment a little with the proportions and soon enough you will be making an awesome cup of coffee every time. Enjoy your coffee!

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