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Instant Coffee…Are There Any Health Benefits?

Let me answer that question right away. Yes, instant coffee does provide health benefits. It is especially effective in decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. So, let’s get into how this particular type of coffee came on the scene.

The Story of Instant Coffee

Instant or soluble coffee was patented in 1889. It was invented by David Strang. He also had another patent for his “Dry Hot-Air” process. He sold the coffee under the name Strang's Coffee.

The more advanced process of freeze drying coffee came along right after World War II. A company out of Massachusetts known as the National Research Corporation developed the process. The high vacuum freeze drying was initially put in place for military use. It was used to process blood plasma, streptomycin and penicillin. The company became what we know today as the Minute Maid Company.

The Freeze Drying Method

After the beans are roasted and ground the coffee is dissolved in water. It is then percolated at temperatures of 155 to 180 degrees celsius. This process will concentrate the coffee. After that, the coffee is ready for sublimation, the removal of the water by freeze drying. Here are the steps:

1. Wet coffee grains are frozen rapidly.

2. The frozen coffee is put in a drying chamber.

3. A vacuum is carefully created in the chamber.

4. The drying chamber is warmed.

5. Condensation takes place and the water vapor is removed from the chamber.

6. The freeze-dried coffee is now ready to be packaged.

There is another method called “Spray Drying”. It is sometimes used because it is more economical. However, there is one drawback. Spray drying produces particles that are too fine for effective use by consumers. An additional process must be used to steam fuse the particles together or by using belt agglomeration. This process just wets the grains so they stick together.

Freeze drying coffee is a very popular method. It is a more expensive process, but it does produce a high quality product. Enjoy your coffee!

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