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The History of Coffee Is A Very Interesting Tale

Legend has it that the history of coffee began in Ethiopia with a goat herder named Kaldi. He watched his goats eating the berries from trees one day and observed how excited they became. The information about the berries was given to a local monk. He decided to make a beverage from the berries. The monk was impressed with the new drink, because of its stimulating qualities. He shared the discovery with others and of course the news spread far and wide.

The Arabs and Coffee

Most people believe the history of coffee began on the Arab Peninsula. Most of the coffee consumed today comes from arabica beans. 15th century Arabs were the first people to cultivate and trade coffee. It was first grown in Yemen and by the 16th century spread throughout the Arab world. Coffee became very popular with the Arab peoples, because of the stimulating qualities it has. Since the Qur’an forbids them to drink alcoholic beverages, coffee was used instead.

The Arabs actually established coffee houses. They used them for all types of social events. These coffee houses became important centers for the exchange of information. The Arabs began to call them “Schools of the Wise.”

Coffee Becomes Popular in Europe

Coffee was brought back to Europe in the 17th century. There was some trouble concerning certain religious aspects about coffee; because of the crusades in the east. Christians and Arabs had fought many wars. A beverage coming from the Arab Nations would stir up some trouble with certain Christian leaders. Coffee was condemned and given the name “Bitter Invention of Satan” Pope Clement VIII had to make a decision about whether coffee was good or bad. After tying it the Pope immediately gave it his approval.

Coffee houses were established in major European cities just like they were in the Arab nations. In England they nicknamed the coffee houses “penny universities" For the price of a cup of coffee you could receive knowledge as if you were going to school. Did you know that Lloyds of London was started in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house?

Coffee Comes to the New World

Coffee came to the New World, what we now call America in the mid-1600’s. It was first introduced in New Amsterdam. The British changed the name to New York.

Coffee houses were established and coffee became the preferred drink in America. Remember the Boston Tea Party? In 1773 the colonists revolted against the heavy tax on tea by the British. The history of coffee would not be complete if I didn’t tell you about what happened in the United States and other countries as well. However, I’ll do that later. Until then...enjoy your coffee.

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The History Of Coffee In America

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