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The Herbal Tea Blends Market Is Growing, But There Is A Small Problem


Organic herbal tea blends is a well known market that is swiftly growing. Though sales has been mainly rooted in the conventional teas coming from the camellia sinensis plant. I'm talking about green tea, black, white, and Oolong tea. A huge increase in homeopathic and natural medicines in the western culture has brought an explosion of organic tea blends.

Because of the popularity of organic teas, the industry has started to create new types of herbal blends. Most of these blends are of good quality, but of course, the mass production of the tea does diminish some of the health benefits.

 Due to the manufacturing techniques used by some companies, tea dust is the only filler able to be put into the machines used to make the tea bags. As the general size of each tea blend is larger, they can't be used with these kinds of bags. 

 A larger bag allows for a free floating of the loose tea leaves that are inside. Even though these bags are of a higher quality than the standard type, their large size makes packaging in bulk not so easy. Also, most bags are filled with green and oolong loose teas, as opposed to tea blends. 

With the shared short comings of these kinds of bags, the ever expanding numbers of organic herbal teas are in desperate need for tea bags to match their unique nature.  Fortunately as the numbers of manufacturers of these new tea blends are on the rise, more money is being invested into the market. Handmade gourmet tea bags are being developed, which better match the ingenuity behind each organic herbal tea blend. It is quite possible that as the desire for the health benefits of herbal tea blends builds in popularity, consumers will not have a problem paying a little more to receive significantly higher quality tea bags. I enjoy drinking the herbal teas as much as I enjoy drinking coffee. As a matter of fact, I have a fresh pitcher of acai berry and green tea in the refrigerator. I'll get myself a glass when I'm done. Enjoy your tea.

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