Peace and prosperity, I'm Randy Brickhouse-Bey. Welcome to the Healthy Gourmet Coffee Guide. If you enjoy drinking coffee, then let me show you how you can use coffee to improve your quality of life. "Enjoy the fruits of your labor".

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·  Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world (next to oil).


·  There are over 108 million coffee consumers in the United States.


·  The retail value of the coffee market in the U.S.A. is 32 billion dollars.


·  Coffee drinkers spend on average $164.71 per year on coffee.


·  54% of the adult population in the United States drinks coffee daily.


·  The average American consumes 3.1 cups of coffee per day.


·  The dietary supplement industry sales total $20 billion-a-year.


·  The health and wellness industry reached $68 billion in 2004.


·  Gano Brand combines all these industries into one Great Cup of Coffee!


 By combining the second largest traded commodity on earth along with
the benefits of Ganoderma (Red Mushroom), Gano Brand Coffee is quickly
becoming the Healthy Beverage of Choice!

Gano Brand Healthy Coffee Products


 The Earth Mother Herbs company is where we get our herbal and vitamin supplements from. We don’t earn commissions from this company. Earth Mother has very good all natural and organic supplements. Try their HCC capsules (herbal chelation compound). It is meant to help improve your circulatory system.


 Earth Mother Herbs

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