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What’s Up With My Decaf Coffee, What Happened To The Flavor?

Caffeine is a purely natural substance found in coffee. Caffeine is in our tea, soda, and chocolate. It can help wake us up after a good sleep, and can give us an energy boost during the course of the day. My favorite caffeine boost comes from drinking coffee. I like coffee a whole lot more than those energy drinks.

The research has shown that caffeine can be healthy and unhealthy for us. We all know caffeine is a stimulant. As a matter of fact it has some of the same properties as heroin and cocaine. It is true that caffeine is slightly habit forming and many people are deeply against anything that might be addictive. But check this out. Any substance not used in moderation can be harmful, am I right or wrong?

Let’s get to the point about decaf coffee. I asked about what happened to the flavor. For all of you who have had regular coffee and decaffeinated, have you noticed the difference in taste. When the caffeine is removed from coffee, most of the taste goes with it. I'll quickly explain the reason why.

There are currently two ways caffeine is removed from coffee. One is known as the European Process and the other is called the Swiss Water Process.

The European Process uses methylene chloride to clean the coffee beans. This chemical absorbs the caffeine. The beans are washed again to remove the chemical, roasted, and then ground. The European Process actually leaves more of the flavor in the coffee beans. However, many people, including myself; object to the use of chemicals. 

The Swiss Water Process for removing caffeine from coffee beans has a couple of steps. This method only uses water and steam. The Swiss Water Process removes more than just the caffeine from coffee beans. Many of the oils are also lost in the process. Coffee made from this process is pretty much tasteless and boring.

So there you have it, now you know what happened to the flavor. Whichever you prefer, caffeinated or decaffeinated...enjoy your coffee!

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