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What Does Caffeine In Coffee Have To Do With Exercise And Weight Loss?

I’ll make a long story a short one. The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant. But I’m quite sure you knew this already. What I would like to do is talk about caffeine in a little more detail.

Caffeine and Exercise Enhancement

The caffeine in coffee inhibits adenosine. It is a neurotransmitter that has a calming effect on our bodies. What happens when adenosine is blocked by that caffeine? Yes…you got it, the caffeine rush begins. Your heart rate increases because the body is releasing more adrenaline. In turn your body will release more glucose and now you have an added boost of energy.

There was research done by the American College of Sports Medicine on what caffeine in coffee does for exercise performance. Their findings showed that if a person consumed 2 to 6 regular cups of coffee, depending on their body weight one hour before working out, their endurance will increase for a short period of intense exercise.

Another study done on distance runners and swimmers by the Australian Institute of Sport found similar results. They discovered that caffeine causes the muscles to use fat as the energy source and not carbohydrate sugars.

Why does caffeine improve endurance? The theory is that muscle glycogen is not being used. Once our glycogen is gone we can’t exercise at our best. Caffeine prevents us from burning up all our glycogen. Oh…I forgot to mention what glycogen is. It’s how our bodies store glucose. It is made in the liver and as I already mentioned stored in our muscles. Glycogen is in our fat cells too.

Caffeine and Weight Loss

Very quickly…caffeine is a diuretic; in other words it can make you go to the bathroom a lot. Even though you’ll only be ridding your body of water weight and not fat.

Caffeine is an appetite suppressant. You won’t want to eat as much. The less food you eat, the fewer calories you’re taking in. The calories won’t get stored as fat, if you don’t burn them off.

Caffeine will increase thermogenesis in the body. Simply put, it is the heat generated by the human body. This process burns more calories and can help with weight loss.

A Word of Warning About Caffeine in Coffee

The caffeine does have its good qualities, but if abused it can definitely cause harm to the body. It is a naturally occurring chemical stimulant that goes by the scientific name of trimethylxanthine…try and pronounce that! It is a drug and has to be treated as such. Coffee has many wonderful health benefits associated with it, but just like anything else, it has to be used safely…enjoy your coffee.

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